Affordable Website Design

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Professional Websites on Pay As Grow Basis. We create a 5 page website for your business. This is NOT a website builder suite, where you have to create your website.

Auckland team of Google Certified Professionals. We have worked with 100's of clients from varied businesses. We will design a website that will help your business to be found on Google when people are searching for your products and services.

We design the website, register domain and host the website in as little as $19+gst / month.

From a brochure style website to sell products online and accept payments seamlessly.



Domain. Design. Host.












PRICE LIST, as simple as it should be.

No Mucking Around.

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Starter Online Shop
Cost $19+gst $39+gst
Web Design 5 Pages 5 Pages
NZ Hosting Yes Yes
Free Domain on Annual Billing on Annual Billing
Mobile Optimised Yes Yes
Branded Email 1 of 500MB 1 of 500MB
Maintain Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes
SEO Yes Yes
Google Ads Credit $75* $75*
Free Stock Images 3 3
insert live social feeds Yes Yes
Online Shop Affordable Websites Affordable ecommerce Websites
Cost $19+gst $39+gst

Questions & Answers

General Questions

1What is included in the package ?
• 5 pages website design. • Domain [on annual billing]. • Hosting [5 mb Webspace]. • Branded eMail ID: 1 eMail – 2 mb each. • Feedback / Enquiry Form. • Logo Design [text logo only]. • Basic SEO.
2Please let me know if there are any hidden charges.
$19 [+gst] per month, that’s it ! There are NO hidden charges, whatsoever. If there are any extra add ons apart from listed above, we will discuss the cost.
3Are you based in New Zealand ?
Yes we are based in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand.
4How many days does it take for a website to be live ?
It takes 5 working days, we can fasten up the process if it is an urgent requirement.
5What are the terms of trade ?
Please follow the link for the latest terms and conditions.
6What are the costs of modifications ?
We can not specify a fix price for modifications, just for a brief idea it would be $20 / hour.
7Do you design the website according our branding needs ?
Yep, We ensure that the website design compliments your branding.

Technical Questions

1Is the Domain FREE forever ?
The Domain is FREE with annual billing cycles, if you opt out of our services for any reason we will transfer the domain ownership, free of cost.
2How many email accounts do you provide FREE with the package ?
We provide 1 email id of 2 MB with the Basic package and 3 email Ids with the ecommerce package. However you can increase the size and the number of accounts. Please contact us for the cost as it varies from time to time.
3What are the charges for additional work ?
The costs are ONE TIME COSTS ONLY:
• Extra Page = $20.
• Extra Image = Please contact us – could be FREE.
• Extra Hosting Space = Depends on the size, please contact us.
• Extra eMail Account [2MB] = $1 / month.
• Extra Form = Depends on form fields – usually 5 field form will cost $20.
• Slides on the home page = $40 for 5 slides, which includes animation and graphics.
4What servers do you use ?
We are currently with OpenHost, which is one of the best hosting providers in New Zealand. They provide 99% guaranteed up-time. Dedicated and prompt on all requests.
5What size web-space do you provide ?
Package comes with 5 GB Webspace, which includes database space as well.
6Is the website Editable?
The Basic Package is not editable and the Ecommerce Package is editable. You can upload products, categories, shipping, taxes, etc.
7How safe are our transactions ?
We use Paypal for all our transactions, They have high end security systems in place.
8Do you accept Credit cards ?
We use Paypal for all transactions. They accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) .
9I already have a Domain Name.
We can use your domain name, however we can not refund or deduct any amount for that.
10Do you provide Facebook and Twitter integrations ?
Third Party integrations doesn’t come free in the package. Facebook Integration will costs extra $20
11I need regular updates for my website.
We provide a “Plan” for clients who needs regular updates, Please contact us.

Affordable Website Design

Maybe you’re thinking $19 is just too cheap for a website. Maybe you’ve been quoted thousands somewhere else and while this price seems super attractive your spidey senses are going off, the voice inside your head is saying stuff like ‘there must be a catch’ or ‘you get what you pay for’, because maybe you’ve been caught out before. If that’s the case, then first of all we’d like to say ‘good work’ because these days you can’t be too careful.

But we’d also like to say ‘hold up, we have some good news for you’ since you can actually get a very professional, mobile-friendly website for under $300. We have heaps have been in business for almost 10 years now, with plenty of referrals from satisfied website owners. Maybe the question you need to be asking is $1,000 for a small business website too expensive!

If you’re keen to proceed with your new website you may be wondering what steps are involved? You’ll be pleased to know we make it really simple – you don’t need to deal with any of the technical stuff, we take care of everything! Keep in mind that you can easily change your website or add new features, such as an online store, at a later time.

  1. you want. If you already have a domain name (or hosting) we will let you know what details we need to start building your site and setup your email.
  2. If you don’t have a website name yet,(let us know if you need help with this ste
  3. Confirm the project by paying the deposit. If you have a logo send it through (we can create one for you), along wit
  4. As soon as this is received we can start working on your new website and provide you with a version you can review and comment on.
  5. When we receive your approval we finalise the site, providing you with your own login to the content management system so you can make any required text changes. We also setup analytics on your website so you can view the number of visitors you are getting, what are your popular pages and how they are finding your site.
  6. We pro, answering any questions about the use of your new website or extra features you’re considering (charges may apply for training or technical support if needed).

Mobile Optimised Web Design

According to Google 67% of internet users are using Mobile to surf websites. It will increase to 80% by 2020. Google is emphasising on Mobile-First Index for all websites. Websites we design are mobile optimised, specifically designed for mobile users.

What is the difference between Desktop and Mobile Website Design

The viewport, Mobile has a smaller width than desktops. Mobile optimised websites will seamlessly arrange all the blocks one after the other, whereas Desktop Websites will show the blocks, side by side. If the viewport is not defined properly, website elements are squeezed to show in a 400px wide mobile screen. It looks broken and is not user-friendly. This viewport is read by Google bots. Websites which are not Mobile-Friendly are not shown on their search engine.

Website Hosting

We only use New Zealand Servers [Openhost] to host all our websites. The company is based in North Shore, Auckland.

Whats difference does it make, NZ, US or Indian servers?

There are three important factors which differentiate good vs bad. Security, reliability [which is uptime] and Capacity. The first two points are pretty clear. The last point which is capacity: Every server has a capacity, say 1000 websites can be hosted. Overseas companies will allow 5000 websites whereas NZ Server will allow only 900. The overloaded servers often break, whereas NZ Server has fewer downtimes. Plus the support is fast, in our timezone and handy.

Website Maintainance

We maintain your website for free. We will replace the text, images, form fields, contact details for free. To be honest, it does not take much time, but in return, we earn good feedback and positivity. It is important for us that you as a client should be happy with your dollar spent. We will add, edit or delete your existing content including fixes. If you have custom code changes we will provide you with a quote.

SEO Friendly Websites

We design websites which Google Loves. We live by the rules which is what Google wants. All our website packages come with basic SEO. We create a site link and submit it to Google Search Console. It also shows us any errors or mobile related errors, which we fix spontaneously. We use best SEO Practices in terms of content, image, loading and semantics.

ECommerce Website Design

We charge $39+gst for an eCommerce based website. It covers everything needed to sell your products online. There is no limit to product uploads. With 3GB of space for your website, you can sell heaps of products. We also upload your first 20 products for you. The eCommerce website design package has builtin shipping, tax, and shipping module. We will setup everything for you to start selling. With Paypal integrated, you will be able to accept Visa & Mastercard payments. If you require other merchants, please let us know, we will integrate it at an extra cost.

Business Branding

Our Affordable Website Design is designed as per your business branding. We follow your guidelines and expectations.